Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shreveport, LA - Late 1981-Early 1982

Here are a few clippings from this great time period of Mid-South Wrestling. I actually got to attend the Sept. 25 and Dec. 18 shows. Talk about some talent and excitement - JYD, Ted DiBiase, Great Kabuki, Kerry Von Erich, Dusty Rhodes, the Samoans, Paul Orndorff - the list goes on and on. Every card was loaded top to bottom and the crowds were hot! I remember a near-riot when Kabuki beat Kerry Von Erich after Gary Hart interfered and hit Kerry with Kabuki's nunchukas!

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  1. Not sure how to reach you - but we are interested in seeing if you have more clippings or anything like this saved from Mid-South for a wrestler's autobiography in the works.

    Please email

    Kenny Casanova


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