Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot Stuff & Hyatt International

One of the most hated groups (and one of the most entertaining) to work in Mid-South/UWF rings was Hot Stuff & Hyatt International. Originally two seperate factions - Hot Stuff, Inc., which was led by "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and featured a very young Sting and Rick Steiner, and Hyatt International, which included "Hollywood" John Tatum and Jack Victory and valet Missy Hyatt - this group fought among themselves as much as they fought others. I wanted to share a few pictures of the group, a publicity shot from an old program, as well as a couple of snapshots taken at a live show by a friend who was in the business at the time. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shreveport, 2-3-83 - Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes, JYD!

Here are a couple of clippings from a great card held in Shreveport that featured Andre the Giant vs. Kamala, a Lights-Out match, and a tag match with JYD and Dusty Rhodes vs. the Rat Pack. Note that it was the largest dollar crowd ever at Municipal Auditorium for Mid-South Wrestling. With 3,200 in attendance, the place was packed to the rafters.

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